Matchmaker – Sponsorship in Action


Lattitude is all about bringing people together and the “MatchMaker” feature enables you to connect user A to user B along with a personal message (inside your private, secure community of course). Think about the busiest folks in your organization and how they may not have time for a 30 min convo each week – we bet they could go into Lattitude and suggest 2-3 matches each week!

Step 1

Navigate to MY NETWORK and click into a group. If you are in a white label group (, for example) then you will automatically be taken to your group and not need to make an additional click.

Step 2

Scroll down the page to the person you want to match up (we call them User A).

Step 3

On the right side of your screen, click the “SHOW MORE” (down carrot) to expand the details of the user.

Step 4

Click the “RECOMMEND” button and a small screen will pop up.

Step 5

Here comes the magic of MatchMaker….Click into the space “Select your recommendation…” and start typing the name of the other user (User B of course) that you want to make the intro with.

Lastly, type up your personal message (200 characters max right now) and click “RECOMMEND” one last time!

What Just Happened?!?

Both users just received an email (you did click the button, right) and the email will say….

Hey Pete Schramm (User A),

Lattitude Test (your name) from your Demo Lattittude (your private group) suggests that you have a conversation with Frank Sette (User B)!

Note from Lattitude Test (your name again): “Pete – you should Lattitude with Frank in the near future to learn more about building your business and scaling sooner to help more people. Frank – you will love Pete’s energy and the mission of Lattitude“

There will also be a “SCHEDULE CONVERSATION” button to click that each user can take to view the availability of the other individual and schedule the convo!

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