Engage Day 1

Structured programs are a proven way to increase engagement and strengthen culture (Gallup). Onboarding, mentorship, DEI, and succession planning are some of the programs Lattitude supports. 


Retain People & Knowledge

People stay with companies longer when they are engaged, connected to their teams, and feel a sense of purpose (Harvard Business Review). Lattitude streamlines the process of establishing and maintaining connections.


Attract Future Talent

Top talent is searching for purposeful work now more than ever. People are looking for organizations that prioritize their employees and provide a sense of belonging (Forbes).


Spark the Conversation

Lattitude is the human connection platform for cultivating engagement through conversations. Our software facilitates and analyzes conversations through data-driven metrics to better inform leaders on human resource strategies and decision-making. Successful implementation of Lattitude leads to higher retention, improved performance, and a revitalized sense of community and belonging. Lattitude empowers teams and encourages growth and innovation through accountability.

Losing Talent is Expensive

US Workforce Engagement All-Time Low
Gallup, 2021
Annual Voluntary Turnover US Companies
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2021
Employees Leaving Their Jobs In the First Year
Work Institute, 2019
Annual Revenue Loss From Voluntary Turnover
Gallup, 2020
People Looking to Leave Their Current Job
0 of 5
Microsoft, 2021
Employee Burnout is on the rise in US
0% +
Indeed, 2021

Who We Work With

Lattitude partners with organizations of all sizes and across many industries.
Get up and running this week - onboarding is easy.

Companies use Lattitude within their onboarding process, stay interviews, DEI initiatives, 360 feedback, succession planning, and the handoff of institutional knowledge.

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Academic institutions use Lattitude to connect their students, alumni, and faculty in a meaningful and simple to use format. They also use Lattitude to track interactions with employer partners, parents, tutors, and donors.

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Associations and member groups use Lattitude as a repository of member interests, experiences, bios, education, and conversations over time. One tool that connects your people to measure and streamline engagement.

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Let’s discuss how we can help ramp up engagement inside your organization

How it Works

Lattitude provides users with the ability to engage in a streamlined manner within private communities. The software guides users on who to connect with, what to discuss, how to interact, when to connect, and where to track the conversation agenda/notes/actions – all in one place!

  • Add Topics of Interest
  • Set Your Availability
  • Match and Connect
  • Track Your Engagement

Partners & Customers

Don't Just Take Our Word for It...

  • Lattitude made it easy to connect with people across my organization during COVID and we still use it today to supplement the water cooler conversations.

    Director at Fortune 500 Defense Contractor
    (and non-profit leader)
  • I wish Lattitude was here when I started as a new employee! It’s structured and makes me feel like I belong. I can find mentors, coaches, and accountability partners (in my company) that I didn’t even know existed before.

    Millennial Manager at Fortune 100 Healthcare Company
    (and college alumni mentor)
  • I love the data and analytics that come with Lattitude! I can measure engagement and I can hold more stay interviews with my team, and now our leaders can actually be mentors – not just talk about it! The clean interface its great too – no ads, no spam, no time wasted.

    Chief People Officer at Tech Company
    (and association member)

Awards & Recognition

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