Success Stories
Oct 22, 2022

Career Change Opportuntiies, DOD


I reached out to Lattitude when I wanted to learn more about other career opportunities. Pete and the Lattitude team opened my eyes to a myriad of options – some of which I was not aware of at all! After a few Lattitude conversations I found what I wanted to pursue, prepared for the interviews, and now I am leading a team of brilliant people to solve the problems of tomorrow. The 25% salary increase was sweet too. Thanks Lattitude – we need to share this with more of the world ASAP!

MarkMid-Career Professional
August 16, 2022

Startup Guidance

This is great and I want the rest of my network to get onto Lattitude right now so we can learn and grow from one another and use Lattitude to help one another achieve our dreams. I used Lattitude to get some feedback from others that started their own businesses and now I am launching my own. I am also using Lattus grow my tribe and it helps me keep everybody engaged EVEN DURING COVID-19!

MaddieRecruiter, Entrepreneur
March 19, 2022

Startup (Turtleball)

I am now a full time entrepreneur and looking to scale my business, trick is that I have never done this before. Thanks to Lattitude and Pete’s network I have been able to bounce ideas off of others and tap into their decades of experience that I just don’t have…yet. I have a mentor for supply chain, another for marketing outreach, and a third for business strategy. These mentors are helping me achieve my dreams.

DanEntrepreneur, Alumni Connection
November 12, 2021

Real Estate Opportunties

It is refreshing to be able to mentor others in a streamlined manner. Until Lattitude, I had a difficult time finding an outlet to pay it forward to others and share more about my experiences in the real estate business. I have participated in a few conversations and love the easy and intuitive process and the simplicity of the offering. I connected with students from my alma mater and local professionals.

July 14, 2021

Project Management Career Opportunities

I am so excited to start this next phase of my career. I would never have had an opportunity like this if it wasn’t for Lattitude and the network. I was looking at jobs that were similar to mine, just to break into the industry. I was willing to take a pay-cut and work my way up the ranks of a large company. But with the role I just got through you [Lattitude], I have nearly double my salary, I have an increase in responsibility that I wouldn’t have seen for another 10 years, and I believe my career will grow tremendously under my new manager.

VicYoung Professional
April 20, 2021

Defense contracting, program management, career change

Lattitude afforded me the opportunity to connect with a retired executive from industry when I was looking to make a career change (15 years out of college). Pete and the Lattitude team have worked tirelessly to connect me with five others in industry (on more Lattitude chats) to learn about opportunities that I am interested in. I am glad that Lattitude is here to break down the walls and streamline the process of gaining access to the information that I need.

Stevemid-career professional, HR/recruiter resource
December 24, 2020

Startups (open gym company)

Lattitude provided me with an opportunity to present my company to multiple curious, motivated minds. The conversations were stimulating and revolved around bouncing ideas off others and answering questions that led to some great discussions around new ideas and considerations, some reinforcement of strategies and just more feedback and opinions. The atmosphere on the Lattitude calls were positive, energetic and innovative. All needed fuel for any budding company. A great community to tap into for any entrepreneur, or those just wanting to learn and be a part of an innovative like-minded community. I can’t wait to get back on soon with updates.

CodyAlumni, Entrepreneur
April 24, 2020

Interview tips, aerospace and defense, electro-optical engineering

Practice makes perfect. When it came time to interview for a new job opportunity after several years with the same company, I was out of practice. Through Lattitude, I connected with an experienced leader within the highly technical and niche field that I was applying. We conducted a mock interview in the same manner he would interview one of his own candidates. I learned the types of questions that I should expect, received focused feedback on where I need to improve my responses, and made a great connection with someone I respect. As a direct result, I entered my interviews confident and prepared and received offers from all three companies I interviewed with. I am now accepting an offer to do my dream job and at a 65% salary increase too! Thank you Lattitude!

SteveMid-Career Professional
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