Microsoft Outlook Integration


Outlook Integration (to Lattitude) Admin Approval and Process flow


Lattitude is a one-stop-shop for mentorship and engagement. You are reading this because you are an admin of a group and/or are a technical point of contact that will be helping to approve the “approval” of Lattitude to gain access to your Outlook server.


Lattitude will not be taking any information from the user personal accounts outside of their outlook calendar events and these details will only be displayed to the event owner. No information is shared with other parties.


Lattitude asks users to integrate their calendars to help with scheduling 1 on 1 conversations inside the Lattitude platform. When the integration is completed, the user will see a view similar to figure 1 below. Other users will only see availability that the user adds to Lattitude.

Figure 1 – Pete Schramm user view with integrated calendar

The process flow for users to integrate their calendars is:

  1. Login to
  2. Navigate to the availability tab or to their profile tab
  3. Click “+” to add an integration and select “Sign in with Microsoft (Figure 3 below)
  4. Select the outlook email address that you want to integrate to authenticate credentials
    1. The Microsoft identity platform v2.0 endpoint will ensure that the user has consented to the permissions indicated in the scope query parameter. If the user has not consented to any of those permissions and if an administrator has not previously consented on behalf of all users in the organization, they will be asked to consent to the required permissions.
      • offline_access
      • Calendars.ReadWrite
      • MailboxSettings.Read
    2. Administrator consent can be accomplished in the Azure portal (Figure 4 below)
    3. Further detail of the access being requested is in the link below and shown in Figure 5 below.
Step 2


Grant Admin Consent
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