Accessing Talent Through Mentorship

To manage and develop talent in your workplace, you must understand the different components of talent management. Talent management helps your employees to achieve success in business. This includes everything from planning, training, and managing their performance. While this may seem overwhelming, there is a way to explore the different components of talent management.


To begin your journey in talent management, you need to set up a plan. Planning can help strategize what you need to accomplish. Are your employees the right fit for the company? Do they provide the skills or have the potential to provide the skills you need for your business? While you figure out if they can provide what you need, you need to figure out if you can provide what they need. Will they have the space to grow in the business? Will you recognize how valuable they are to the company?

Managing Employee Performance

You must also provide a dialogue with your employees to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Make sure you review your employees’ performances with productive criticism so they know your expectations for them. To guarantee that your employees are reaching their highest potential, you need to make clear what you need from them. 


When establishing what you need from your employees, you must also provide the need for more learning in the workplace. There are a lot of skills that need to be developed and learning firsthand in the workplace is a perfect scenario. By being a mentor, in a lot of respects, you can help your employees find resources and learn more skills to accomplish the goals of the company. 

Succession Planning

Always think about the future of your company and whether you can get there with what you have now. There might be some management changes and you need to think ahead of what is needed. This is not to be done selfishly but in thinking of the company itself. Make sure your business has the right leadership it needs to succeed.

Employee Engagement

Employees need a healthy environment to work in. When they have a level of comfort where they can engage with their other co-workers, then that can lead to a healthy workplace. Your employees should feel supported and valued by you and that means encouraging a positive workplace environment.

Career and Personal Growth

With a healthy workplace environment, your employees will have no problem wanting to see the success of the company as well. They will seek career growth and within that, they will achieve personal growth. Whether it’s learning new skills or looking for the tools to better themselves individually or communally, they seek to better the company. 

Implementing a Formal Mentorship Program

While talent management is important for your company, there is an easy way to help with that. A mentorship program contains all the components of talent management. Included is a plan to help you achieve your goals so that you can succeed. A mentor can manage your performance and give you feedback on what you need to improve on. Development is also key to the mentoring relationship. Your mentor will focus on your growth and give you the tools and knowledge to succeed. Your planning also goes hand in hand with succession planning and how you can achieve your goals. With a mentor, you improve your employee engagement because a mentor is usually found in the workplace. And through a mentoring relationship, you can grow in many aspects of your life.

Lattitude is there to help establish your mentoring program. They have the right tools to grow your company by encouraging employee engagement. With your company having a mentorship program, you can ensure that your employees will grow in business and in their personal lives. Lattitude is here to help your business and employees grow.

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